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Non Western Blog – Alaska Native Art

Introduction For my last blog entry, I decided to talk about Alaska Native art. I am going to display different types of Alaska Native art from around the state of Alaska. I was very excited to create this blog because I love spreading Alaskan cultural knowledge and learning about it as well. Alaska Native artContinue reading “Non Western Blog – Alaska Native Art”


Mid Modern – The Influence of Celebrities in Pop Art

Introduction I have chosen to base this blog off of the pop art movement in the Mid Modern era, and how celebrities had an influence in it. Pop art is intriguing to me, with all of the colors, collages, boldness, and cartoon like figures. Pop art’s creations involve popular culture, such as comic books, advertisements,Continue reading “Mid Modern – The Influence of Celebrities in Pop Art”

Classical Blog Post

Introduction During the Classical Era there were tons of musical, theatrical, and art being produced that became famous. Portraits were being created that expressed a new sense of calmness. The tone’s being used were soft and warm in my chosen images. Lady Elizabeth Delme and her Children (1777-1779) by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Description The painting,Continue reading “Classical Blog Post”

My First Blog Post!

My only relationship to art right now is through beading projects. I have recently designed and beaded earrings, pop socket covers, and slippers. I haven’t engaged in many art activities in years. When I was little I really enjoyed drawing and painting, and I would like to begin doing this again as a stress reliever.Continue reading “My First Blog Post!”